Report of Suspected Child Abuse Report

CY-47 form
As mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect, you are required to submit a CY 47 form to the county Children & Youth agency within 48 hours of making the oral report to ChildLine. Please complete as much as possible on the CY 47. You may have very little information on the family but you are still required to complete what you can and submit the form.  It is important to list your name and phone number on the CY 47 if the Children & Youth investigator has additional questions for you. This contact information can not be shared with anyone except if law enforcement must be notified; then the reporting source is treated as a confidential informant. The Report of Suspected Child Abuse can be taken in person, mailed or faxed to the C&Y office.  Download the form CY-47 Form here.