Username & Password Help

The chart below should help you figure out what username and password to use for a particular website. If a website is not listed, then its username or password currently have nothing in common with our email/computer system. We are working towards getting as many of these sites as possible integrated together with our system so that staff have fewer usernames and password to remember.  

You'll notice there is no password listed for email. That is because your email password is the password we are trying to match with as many other websites as possible. It is very important that you utilize a complex email password in order to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing our systems. You can and SHOULD CHANGE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD at least once a month even if we currently do not forced you to. See the article about changing your email password for more information.
This list should continue to grow so check back often!  


IU6 Email username only

Barracuda Spam Filter
username only same as your email
Barracuda Email Archive username only same as your email
Lightspeed Email Archive email address custom
Darts email address same as your email
Retics email address same as your email
Safe Schools username only there is no password

My Learning Plan username only same as your email  
Discovery Education email address same as your email

USERNAME DEFINITION: Only the first part of your email address (before the @ symbol)

example: If the email address is then the username is just jdoe 
PASSWORD NOTE: For systems that utilize the same password as your email, when your computer/email password changes then this password with change with it.