How to install the CDT software

To install the CDT software on your IU6 classroom computers please use the link below. You need to access this link from each of the computers you will want to use as a testing station. Be sure you are logged into the computer as Teacher and NOT as student, otherwise the installation process will fail.
1. Right click on the link below and choose SAVE TARGET AS.
2. A new window will open, click DESKTOP on the far left then click SAVE.
    Note: The file is quite large and make take some time to download, please be patient
3. When finished downloading you can go to your desktop and double click on the file DDR_INSIGHT_TTS_setup to start   the installation process.
4. Other than accepting the license agreement you do not need to change any other settings during the installation, just keep clicking NEXT until it completes.
5. You should now have a link on the desktop for PA ONLINE ASSESMENTS