Email Thresholds and Limitations

Due to storage limitations, as well as providing the ability for staff to be able to retrieve emails from either the Lightspeed or Barracuda email archives, we have placed the following limits on email accounts:
At 225MB you will receive an automatic warning email that you are approaching the limit.
225MB Warning
At 235MB you will be unable to send any new emails until you get below this level.
At 250MB you will be unable to send or receive emails until you are under the 235MB threshold.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The automatic email alerts that are sent NEVER ask for any information from you in return. They are simply informational in nature. If you receive an email alert about your mail being over the limit and that email is asking for your username, password, or any other information it is most likely SPAM and should be immediately deleted.
Microsoft Outlook Users (HQ) can determine how much email storage space is being used by right-clicking on "your email address" located just above your Inbox then left-clicking "Data File Properties." Click the "Folder Size" button at the bottom of the box. Look at the "Total size (including subfolders) near the top of the box, there will be a number to the right that ends in KB. Compare this number to the limits listed above to see just how close you are to your email storage limitation. You can see the space consumed by each of your individual subfolders directly beneath this number.
Outlook Web App Users are not able to see the same kind of detailed information but can still see how much storage they are using. To find out place your mouse pointer over "your name" located just above your Inbox. If you pause there a second or two without moving the mouse, the system will display and information dialog box with your current storage level is and the next threshold you will reach.
You can find directions on how to cleanup your email folders here.