Subscribing to the "Inhouse" Distribution List

Normally you can only be added to, or removed froma distribution list by the list administrator. However, you can now join the in-house listserv yourself by simply following the directions below. I will have to approve your request but this happens via email without any extra steps on your part and is just so that non-employee’s (sales people & the like) don’t subscribe themselves and become privy to information that was not intended forthem. Currently the “inhouse” listserv is the only one which you can self-subscribe to. If you want to be removed from the list at a later date just drop me an email and let me know.


Logon to your IU6 email account (Webmail)

Click OPTIONS in the upper right corner


Click GROUPS on the left

In the center of the screen click JOIN beneath “PublicGroups I Belong To”

A list of all available distribution listservs will bepresented, find & click on (to highlight) INHOUSE STAFF

Click JOIN in the upper left corner

You should now receive a message that your request wassubmitted for approval which sends me an email notification of your request.

You can close the rest of the windows you have open in youremail

I will approve your request upon receiving it and you willreceive an email stating that your request has been granted.

You will now be included in all emails sent to this listserv.