Reserving a Conference Room

(Microsoft Outlook only! Will not work with Outlook Web Access)

Open Microsoft Outlook then the Calendar function
Calendar Button

Locate the calendar for the room you wish to reserve. You should check the date and time to make sure the room is not already scheduled during the time you need. Initiate a request for that room by right-clicking anywhere there is open space on the room calendar. This will give you a menu where you can navigate to New Meeting Request
New Meeting Request

You will now see the Meeting Request form which needs to be filled out. At the very least you will need to address the boxes I have outlined in red in the sample below.
  1. Be sure to fill out the Subject with the name or purpose of your meeting. 
  2. Select the Start Date and Start Time for the meeting.
  3. Select the End Date and End Time for the meeting.
  4. In the large white box at the bottom, you enter the meeting details. Most of the information required is on the Room Reservation Form (link at the top of this document). Complete this document and save a copy to your desktop. You can then drag the file into the white box so that the room is setup for your needs. Once you’re finished with the form, click the Send button in the upper left corner.Meeting Form
  • If the room was not already reserved you will receive an automatic approved email from the reservation system.
  • If the room was already reserved the system will automatically reject your request. However, the appointment will remain in your calendar so that you can open it choose a different room.

It is important to note that a meeting has been placed in YOUR calendar at the scheduled date & time. ANY changes to the reservation must be performed from the appointment in YOUR calendar. Once you have finished making the necessary changes choose the option to SEND UPDATE.