Configuring IU6 Email on your Personal Device

Staff that wish to setup their work email on their personal device MUST read & sign off on the appropriate form before being permitted to setup their device. There are certain restrictions and consequences associated with using your personal device that you need to be aware of, and okay with. You can obtain the 331 AR Attachment either from Vicki Dietz at the headquarters building or via the forms section of the IU6 website. In either case the completed form needs to be returned to Vicki Dietz.
Vicki Dietz Contact Info:
ACCOUNT TYPE:  Microsoft Exchange
USERNAME:  This is the first part of your IU6 email address (in most cases). Depending on the type of phone you have, you may need to place MAIN\ in front of your username.
PASSWORD:  This is your current IU6 email password. If you are required to change your email password on a regular basis then you will also have to update the password stored on your phone (for your email) as well.
DOMAIN:  main
SSL:  If you have a checkbox for, or are asked about SSL (Secure Socket Layer) you need to ENABLE this feature.