Board of Directors

  • Riverview Intermediate Unit is governed by a Board of Directors representing seventeen school districts.  Each school district in Pennsylvania is assigned to an intermediate unit, which is operated by a governing board comprised of locally elected school board directors from the districts that make up the intermediate unit. IU board members serve three-year terms and may succeed themselves without limitation, as long as they remain local board members.  The superintendent of each of the service area school districts appoint one representative to the Intermediate Unit Board of Directors.



    JACQUELINE MANNO- Brockway Area

    JOHN POZZA- Brookville Area

    MIKE MEALS-  Treasurer, Clarion-Limestone Area

    JULIE HARTLEY- President, Clarion Area

    KEN BRANNON- Cranberry Area

     LARRY SALONE- DuBois Area

    CHRIS PEDERSEN- Forest Area

    RONALD RICHBURG-  Franklin Area

    GREG BARRETT- Keystone

    WINFIELD LUTZ, Vice President- North Clarion County

    JIM DISQUE- Oil City Area

    PENNY PIFER- Punxsutawney Area

    ANN KOPNITSKY- Redbank Valley

    LYNN CRESSMAN- Titusville


    CINDY SWENDSEN - Valley Grove

    TERESA BAKER - Secretary

    KNOX & MCLAUGHLIN - Solicitor



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