Board of Directors

  • Riverview Intermediate Unit is governed by a Board of Directors representing seventeen school districts.  Each school district in Pennsylvania is assigned to an intermediate unit, which is operated by a governing board comprised of locally elected school board directors from the districts that make up the intermediate unit. One Riverview Intermediate Unit board member is appointed by each member district from among their membership and must maintain membership on their district board to serve as the district representative to the Intermediate Unit Board of Directors.


    Tom Phillips- President
    Carrie Armagost- Vice President
    Kevin O'Neill- Treasurer
    AC Valley Carrie Armagost
    Brockway Katie Morris
    Brookville Erin Schiafone
    Clarion Zach Shekell
    Clarion Limestone Julia Pando
    Cranberry Camae Bunyak
    DuBois Charlie Watt
    Forest Michael Oliver
    Franklin Ron Richburg
    Keystone Ken Swartfager
    North Clarion Tom Phillips
    Oil City Tyler Johnson
    Punxsutawney Deneen Evans
    Redbank Valley Matt Confer
    Titusville Kevin O'Neill
    Union Tricia Hepler
    Valley Grove Melanie Anderson

    TERESA BAKER- Secretary

    KNOX & MCLAUGHLIN- Solicitor





Last Modified on April 8, 2024