Fingerprinting Services


     Federal Criminal History Record (Act 114)


    Registration is Required for Fingerprinting Services:

    Registration is required at IdentoGO or call 844.321.2101.

    You must have a Service Code from your employer or agency to register.

    An appointment made with IdentoGo is required.

    No walk-ins are permitted at this time.

    Only the scheduled applicant will be allowed to enter our facility; no additional visitors will be permitted (ex: children).

    Payment by debit/credit card must be in the registrant’s name.


    PDE Information Only:

    IU Service Code:  1KG6S7

    School District Service Code:  1KG6XN


    The Fingerprinting service is available Monday-Thursdays 8am-Noon and 1pm-3pm

    (closed for Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July, as well as Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas breaks).


    Please call IdentoGo at 844.321.2101 with any questions.






  • Fingerprinting Frequently Asked Questions & Directions

    Please click on the FAQ's below to answer the most commonly asked questions.  Click on the Riverview Intermediate Unit #6 link for directions to our facility.