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  • On October 9, 2009, Governor Ed Rendell signed House Bill 1614, which includes a provision “that each school district shall have and maintain a certified safety committee.”  The provision is as follows:


    (12)(i) Each school district shall take such steps as necessary during fiscal year 2009-2010 in order to have or maintain a certified safety committee by December 31, 2010, for the purposes of section 1002(b) of the act of June 2, 1915 (P.L. 736, No. 338), known as the Workers’ Compensation Act.  The Department of Labor and Industry shall provide the Department of Education with the list of school districts who have a certified safety committee.  In the case of a school district that does not submit evidence to the Department of Education that complies with this paragraph, the Department of Education shall deduct from any allocation from the Commonwealth to which the school district is entitled the amount of the discount the school district would otherwise receive under section 1002(b) of the Workers Compensation Act.


    The following information is provided to help you to establish or maintain a State Certified Safety Committee:


    State Requirements for Certified Safety Committees


    The safety committee make up is to be such that no more than 50% of the members are management (over 50% of the members can be labor, but management cannot have more than 50% representation on the committee).  Although not inclusive, the following are some of the major requirements:

    • The law requires a minimum of four (4) members (2 from labor and 2 from management), however, a more realistic number for schools is 7 or 9.
    • 100% of the members must be trained each year (policy period) by a “qualified service provider”.
    • Meetings must be held each month, 12 months per year.
    • Each meeting must have a quorum to constitute a legitimate meeting.
    • Decisions are to be made by majority vote of the members. 
    • Committee is to review accidents and develop improvement recommendations.
    • Committee is to conduct facility inspections – at least annually.
    • Meeting attendance lists are to be kept in file.
    • Written agendas are to be used and kept in file.
    • Written minutes are to be made and kept in file.
    • Written training records are to be made and kept in file.

    To become certified, you will need to submit an initial application to the State between 90 to 30 days in advance of your workers’ compensation policy renewal date of July 1.  And, when submitting the application, the safety committee must have met for at least 6 consecutive months prior to submission of the application, and have been following all requirements, including documentation. 


    The link below to the PA Department of Labor & Industry, Workers’ Compensation Division contains information on the requirements for safety committees to become certified as well as other resource links.


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