History of Riverview Intermediate Unit


     Clarion Manor headquarters building
     Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 (RIU6), originally known as Clarion Manor Intermediate Unit was located at The Manor in Shippenville (pictured left) from 1971—1986.
     Greencrest Drive, Clarion Headquarters Building
    In 1986, the IU changed its name from Clarion Manor to Riverview Intermediate Unit and relocated to Greencrest Drive in Shippenville (pictured left). It was the first IU in the state to institute a name change.

    RIU6 Headquarters building on Mayfield Road, Clarion

    In 2001, RIU relocated to its current location of 270 Mayfield Road, Clarion (pictured left).
    Since its inception, RIU6 has had nine Executive Directors:
    Howard Chestnut (1971—1975)
    Edgar Lawton (1975—1982)
    Arnold Hillman (1982—1991)
    Don Means (1991—1998)
    Albert Glennon (1998—2005)
    William Kaufman (2005-2009)
    John Cornish (2009-2013)
    Jeff Brown (2013-2018)
    Michael Stahlman (Present)