• Riverview Intermediate Unit Contact List

    270 Mayfield Rd, Clarion 16214


    Dr. Michael Stahlman
    Matthew LaVerde
    Business Office
    Lori Hargenrader
    Educational Programs Matthew LaVerde
    Human Resources Christine Merryman
    Special Education Mary Anne Jordan
    Technology Jason Williams
    Right to Know Officer Teresa Baker
    Safety Committee Matthew LaVerde
    Section 504: Mary Anne Jordan
    Vocational Training Program: Mary Anne Jordan
    Non-Public Schools Robin Fillman
    Federal Programs Lori Hargenrader
    Title I Lori Hargenrader
    Title ID and IIA Lori Hargenrader
    Title IX Team:  
    1. Coordinator Matthew LaVerde
    2. Appeals Decision Maker Dr. Michael Stahlman
    3. Initial Decision Maker Mary Anne Jordan
    4. Deputy Coordinator Deanna Sintobin
    5.Investigators Robin Fillman, Sue Ann Boyles, &Coordinators
    6. Resolution Facilitator Mary Miller (Student) & Deanna Sintobin (Staff)
    Title VI: Matthew LaVerde